Corporations Using Telephone Town Halls

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Traditionally our Telephone Town Halls have been a popular outreach method for organizations and campaigns, but recently, businesses have discovered the power of reaching their customers, partners and neighbors in an inventive way through Telephone Town Halls.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, a Fortune 500 financial services organization, held a series of Telephone Town Halls with Stones’ Phones in conjunction with Grassroots Solutions to help their members become more aware about their spending habits.  Speakers included CEO Brad Hewitt and former NBC Financial Editor of the Today Show Jean Chatzky to promote their campaign and get members involved in generating creative and useful money saving ideas.

NBC Financial Editor of the Today Show Jean Chatzky

While strictly telemarketing Telephone Town Halls are not permitted, corporations can make informational calls about local improvements, community partnerships or gathering public input. A Solar company could hold a Telephone Town Hall about the general benefits of renewable energy or a nursing home could provide information to seniors about de-cluttering their lives. While companies cannot market their services or goods, they are building their brand, name recognition and reputation.

By using Telephone Town Halls, corporations can work to improve their corporate governance and solidify themselves as a good neighbor through community outreach. Telephone Town Halls use a two-way communication process to give instant feedback and allow for a productive discussion, which can yield proven results for your business, organization or cause.

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