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Story Capture & The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association became concerned with Wisconsin's current healthcare coverage when they learned that it only covers the needs of new moms for up to two

Story Capture & The American Heart Association Blog Post Image

months. They knew to fully resolve the serious health issues that come with pregnancy like blood clots, high blood pressure, and ongoing mental health needs these new moms and families needed more expansive healthcare coverage.

The American Heart Association set up a two-step plan to put pressure on legislators to pass the Medicaid Expansion Plan and give mothers the coverage they needed. First they asked voters to record a message on why Wisconsin should do more to support moms and families. The American Heart Association received many emotional recordings and sent them to their legislators' phones in hopes of passing the new Medicaid Expansion Plan. This plan would expand coverage access to over 89,000 mothers and families in Wisconsin.

Nine legislators received moving stories from their constituents that have been affected by a lack of healthcare. In the past nine years forty-one states have adopted the Medicaid Expansion Plan and because of the pressure put on Republican legislators, Wisconsin is on track to adopt it as well.


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