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Revolutionizing Voter Engagement: The Era of Cell Phone Telephone Town Halls is Here

In the ever-evolving landscape of political and community engagement, we are always striving for better ways to communicate. We know that Telephone Town Halls are a tried-and-true method for reaching a large audience, but their reach was previously hindered by regulations around calling cell phones. Until recently, the ability to call cell phones for Telephone Town Halls was limited to only elected officials and those who had opted in to receive calls to their cell phone.


However, a Supreme Court decision has lifted restrictions on calling cell phones for Telephone Town Halls, and now a new horizon of possibilities has emerged. This cutting-edge tool allows you to connect with thousands of voters, constituents, or members on their cell phones, breaking down the barriers that once prohibited outreach to cell phone users and providing a more personal and engaging experience.


One of the key benefits of calling cell phones for Telephone Town Halls is the ability to reach a broader audience. With over 62% of the population now relying on cell phones as their primary form of communication, this feature allows you to connect with individuals who may have been previously unreachable.


The process is seamless and user-friendly. When scheduling your Telephone Town Hall, simply include cell phones as part of your dial-out list. Similar to traditional landline dialing, cell phone participants will receive a call inviting them to join the Telephone Town Hall. But rather than receiving an automated message, they will hear from a live operator who will connect them to the main event.


Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke successfully utilized calling cell phones in a Telephone Town Hall to give important updates to her constituents. She was looking to communicate policy updates and engage with voters ahead of the upcoming election, and she didn’t want to leave any of her cell phone-only constituents out of this outreach. By including cell phone users in her Telephone Town Hall, she was able to connect with nearly 2,000 constituents, with almost 20% joining from their cell phones.


The event was a hit, and Senator Locke was able to promote her ongoing efforts to expand affordable housing and defend reproductive freedom. In addition to having direct conversations with several constituents on the air, the office was also able to gauge which policy areas were most pressing to their voters through our live polling feature.


The success of Senator Locke’s event underscores the impact that calling cell phones can have on political engagement. Beyond simply reaching a larger audience, this feature enables you to get a feel for voter sentiment and have live conversations with participants, fostering a deeper level of engagement and understanding.


We Care for Kids also used cell phone dialing for Telephone Town Halls to great effect. This Nebraska organization is dedicated to promoting access to quality early childhood education and care for all families. This year, we helped them reach out to tens of thousands of people in their community through a series of Telephone Town Halls, using the power of technology and storytelling to inform, inspire, and mobilize them to take action.


The first event targeted business owners and the second event was tailored to young Spanish-speaking parents. Both Telephone Town Halls were also integrated with a webinar to add a visual component. But what made these events truly remarkable was the use of a cutting-edge technique to reach participants on their cell phones.


The results speak for themselves. Over two-thirds of participants who answered the call for the Spanish-language Telephone Town Hall decided to join. What was most impressive was the amount of time that they stayed on the line. The average listening time for a Telephone Town Hall tends to be around 3-5 minutes, but the average participant in the We Care for Kids’ event stayed on the line for an incredible 35 minutes. This kind of participation for a younger audience is unheard of and underscores how techniques like calling cell phones, webinar integration, and reaching out to people in their first language made for very successful community outreach.


The introduction of calling cell phones for Telephone Town Halls has revolutionized community engagement. By embracing this innovative tool, you can engage with a broader audience and strengthen your connection with your community. So, what are you waiting for? Reach more people than ever before with cell phone dialing for Telephone Town Halls today!


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