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MomsRising Texting for Voter Registration

For the 2020 general election, MomsRising pushed voter registration links to 1.6 MILLION people, nationwide, in both English and Spanish. Their messages urged recipients to not

MomsRising Texting for Voter Registration Blog Image

only to get registered - but to share back what ballot issues mattered most to them and provided tips on how to teach kids about the Election. This forced voters to consider the importance of the upcoming election, while simultaneously providing support through a contentious election cycle.

Texting can be an incredibly versatile tool. From GOTV, volunteer recruitment, crow-building, and link sharing – we know it’s important for text messages to make it into people’s pockets. Now, that means registering and qualifying for 10DLC.

What is 10DLC? It’s the 3rd party telecom carriers are requiring campaigns and membership organizations to register with, in order to ensure those texting are who they claim to be. By registering for 10DLC, you avoid being aggressively filtered, blocked, or flagged as spam and you receive faster, higher message volume as well as local number recognition to the area you are texting in. The ultimate goal is to crack down on fraud and spam and ensure better deliverability for your texts.

The verification process can currently take 7 to 10 days to complete, so we’ll want to get you registered ASAP!


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