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Gather thousands and connect live over the telephone. Telephone Town Halls are one of the most effective tools to directly connect with thousands of people at once.

Transform everyday citizens into activists. Discover how our patch-through calls ensure that the right people in power get the right messages.

Empower everyday people to speak up. Check out how recording real stories leads to real results.

Your volunteers calling cell phones fast is key to winning. Our innovative, compliant and cost effective Ringer app could be your key to victory.
Communicate your message loud and clear. Our time-tested methods will help you persuade, mobilize, and spark meaningful dialogue.
Activate voters through our outside-the-box thinking. Discover how we break through over-saturated markets when it’s crunch time.

Our staff can manually text messages with or without pictures to your targets. Discover how our manual texting programs ensure that your message gets out.

Our paid, professional operators can call cell phones for less. Our new compliant approach to calling cells is a game changer. Gone are the days of $3 to call cell phones.

We create the Conversations

that get your message heard

Stones’ Phones creates campaign strategies that lead to winning results. We help change the world for the better by deploying powerful and effective tools that get results. We take phones, the ordinary, and do the extraordinary with them. We create conversations that lead to action, and effectively communicate with voters. We provide high-quality, affordable and strategic campaign telephone solutions.



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You can’t win a legislative fight with lobbyists alone. Legislators themselves will tell you that they need to hear from their constituents in order to justify voting one way or another.   The more pressure from constituents the better, so first and foremost, you need to educate voters and give them the ability to …Continued

Ever since Donald Trump’s surprise victory, campaigns nationwide are looking for new and innovative ways to capture conflicted, late-deciding voters. After all, exit polls showed that these late deciders broke for Trump by upwards of 10 points in several key states. Post-election polling even suggested that Trump may have poached a sizable vote share … Continued

With more and more states allowing no-excuse absentee voting, campaigns and organizations are implementing ballot chase GOTV to remind voters to fill out and return their ballots. DC and 26 states allow no-excuse absentee voting, while Washington, Oregon, and Colorado now conduct their elections entirely by mail. If you’re working in any of these … Continued

Telephone Town Halls meld a traditional form of communication – the phone – with a 21st century web interface to create an interactive town hall meeting. They have emerged as one of the most effective tools available to directly connect with thousands of people at once.   Similar to a radio call-in show, Telephone Town … Continued

Holding a Telephone Town Hall provides your campaign or organization with an amazing outreach tool to build support and discuss important issues. But the data you can collect from a Telephone Town Halls is equal to or even more powerful than the conversation.     During the Telephone Town Hall we gather a lot of … Continued

Every election presents candidates with one fundamental challenge: getting voters to the polls. This is especially true during midterm elections when voters have less of an interest in the political process.   Making GOTV calls can easily make or break a campaign on Election Day. Be sure to make your GOTV calls are as well … Continued

Auto calls can work. If they’re informative, believable, and don’t go on and on and on, you can get a message delivered effectively with an automated call. The average person will listen for 21 seconds so you need to make sure you front-load the important information.   People get turned off by auto calls that … Continued

Texting is a powerful way to drive voters to the polls, especially the rising American electorate.     Last year, scientific studies were conducted to test the effectiveness of texting in GOTV efforts. They found that a simple reminder text sent out the day before Election Day increased turnout by 0.5%.   A more thorough … Continued

Patch-through calling – connecting voters with their elected officials – is a classic advocacy technique that we’ve perfected over years of experience. Check out some of the methods we’ve developed to make sure you get the most out of your patch calls. 1. Scripting that makes it clear to the person who was called that the … Continued

There are lots of phone vendors out there that take political clients, but only some can be trusted to do a quality job for a fair price. Here are some common ways that less trustworthy vendors will try to do less and charge more.   1.  Charging by the hour   Vendors that charge by … Continued