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Kick Your Fundraising into High Gear with Telephone Town Halls

Telephone Town Halls are a uniquely powerful tool for creating intimate connections between organizations or campaigns and donors. They offer a platform to build deeper relationships with activists, find new members, and mobilize supporters around urgent issues.

Participants can ask questions live on air, respond to poll questions, and even donate by pressing a button on their phone and talk to a live person or just press a button to pledge and you can follow up.

Key Benefits and Strategies:

  1. Engaging Participants On the day of the event, we call your pre-selected audience. Approximately 44% of the audience answers the call, and 55% of those who answer participate in the event. This high participation rate demonstrates the effectiveness of Telephone Town Halls in engaging supporters.

  2. Our innovative technology NOW allows us to call cell phones, greeting participants with a live operator before transferring them into the event.

  3. Building Connection Participants feel connected to the organization by talking directly with speakers, fostering trust and loyalty. This connection deepens as participants share their stories during the event. They can press a button on their phone to record a short message about why they support your cause. These recordings can be used in ads, advocacy, or social media campaigns.

  4. Increasing Donations The longer participants stay on the line, the more likely they are to donate. Larger donors, in particular, value participation. We can add to the universe you want to call by finding non-profit and political donor data.

  5. Additionally, synchronized text messages with donation links can be sent during, before or after the Telephone Town Hall, elevating your request for a donation above all the other text requests they received that day.

  6. Enhancing Fundraising Efforts Even if a donor is unable to attend, being invited to participate increases the likelihood that someone will give. In one study, those who received the invitation but did not participate gave more than those on the event for less than 2 minutes.  Telephone Town Halls can create a chain reaction, maximizing overall fundraising efforts.

  7. Attracting New Members Telephone Town Halls not only engage existing supporters but also attract new members. By reaching out to previously unengaged activists, organizations can expand their donor base and impact. Again, we can add to the universe you want to call by finding modeled activists from the voter file.


Case Study: PETA Fundraising Telephone Town Halls

PETA conducted three Telephone Town Halls targeting different donor segments. These events raised nearly $150,000 from over 3,000 donors and renewed donations from 10,000

people. Participants who stayed on for more than 15 minutes donated almost four times more than those who stayed on less time.


Telephone Town Halls are an invaluable tool for building connections, increasing donations, and attracting new members. They help engage activists who care about your cause but haven’t been asked to donate yet. By enhancing fundraising efforts and advancing your mission, Telephone Town Halls can significantly boost your organization’s success.

Contact us today to learn more about Fundraising Telephone Town Halls!


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