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How To Use Your Telephone Town Hall Data

Holding a Telephone Town Hall provides your campaign or organization with an amazing outreach tool to build support and discuss important issues. But the data you can collect from a Telephone Town Halls is equal to or even more powerful than the conversation.

During the Telephone Town Hall we gather a lot of information from the targeted universe we called. We provide you with:

  • Who participated in the event

  • How long each person participated for

  • How each participant responded to poll questions

  • The list of people who wanted to ask a question

  • Any information the question screeners took down about their conversation with the participant

On top of all this data we collect for each event, the other source of data back from the Telephone Town Hall comes from the survey questions you ask during the event.

If it’s a Telephone Town Hall for a political candidate, we can ask participants to press 1 to indicate that they’re supporting that candidate or press 2 if they’re still undecided and need more information. This will help build your lists for persuasion and turnout. And if you’re using a Telephone Town Hall to announce your campaign, these lists of supporters will help jump start your campaign and build the basis of your field team.

If it’s a Telephone Town Hall for an advocacy campaign or membership organization, we can ask survey questions throughout the event to find out where they stand on different issues and identify who is willing to take action and get more involved.

People who stay on the line for more than five minutes are ideal supporters to target for donations or volunteers.

The collected data is as important as the conversation during the event. When you’re crafting your Telephone Town Hall, Stones’ Phones will work with you before, during, and after the event to make sure you can effectively use the data collected.

To read more about building support with Telephone Town Halls, click here.


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