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Set Your Campaign Apart with Good Data

One persistent challenge has plagued even the best-run political campaigns for years: bad data. Outdated and inaccurate phone numbers can mean missed opportunities, lost connections, and, ultimately, lost votes. But there is a solution!

Stones' Phones can append accurate, updated phone numbers to existing records in just a matter of hours. Whether it's adding hundreds of thousands of working phone numbers to voter files or correcting data discrepancies, we can help you make sure that every call counts.

Having up-to-date data was incredibly important to GOTVax, a group that promotes vaccine outreach in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the importance of reaching vaccine-hesitant populations, GOTVax partnered with Stones' Phones to enhance their data and identify target audiences for Telephone Town Halls.

Through our collaboration, we uncovered 275,000 phone numbers for vaccine-hesitant individuals across 12 states, providing GOTVax with a vast universe of contacts to engage with their events. By connecting public healthcare officials, local care providers, and community leaders with those in need of vaccine information, we played a pivotal role in empowering communities and saving lives.

Our contributions to the data used by Democratic campaigns and progressive causes doesn’t stop there. We also enhanced the Florida voter file by adding 240,000 accurate phone numbers for people of color that were previously unavailable. In Minnesota, our enhancements to the VAN data led to the correction of 29% of the existing information and the addition of phone numbers to 12% of the previously incomplete list. 

The lesson here is clear: good data isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. Whether it's rallying voters to the polls or promoting public health initiatives, the quality of your data can make all the difference. With the help of Stones' Phones, you can unlock the power of good data and make every call count. Don't let bad data stand in the way of your success. Contact us today and let's transform your campaign strategy together.


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