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Award Winning Year For PETA’s Telephone Town Halls

PETA and Stones’ Phones won the prestigious Campaigns & Elections Reed Award and Direct Marketing Association MAXI Award for their innovative Telephone Town Hall “Fundraising Like Rabbits” that raised critical funds for PETA’s campaign to end the use of angora wool in clothing.

The campaign showed the routine cruelty these animals endure because of the angora rabbit wool industry. Featuring PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, the Telephone Town Hall updated members about the status of the campaign, answered members’ questions, and brought in donations to continue the campaign.

In its 35th year, MAXI Awards recognize and honor achievements in direct marketing.Campaigns & Elections magazine’s Reed Award recognizes the year’s best political and public affairs work.

PETA’s Development Director Steve Kehrli and Stones’ Phones Founder Marty Stone presented earlier this year about creative ways to fundraise at the Direct Marketing Association’s Washington Nonprofit Conference. Click here to see their presentation.

Stones’ Phones is pleased that PETA’s hard work is being recognized for their Telephone Town Hall, “Fundraising Like Rabbits.” We are honored to work with such a devoted organization and look forward to more award-winning collaborations!


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