Stones’ Phones Presents on Nonprofit Fundraising

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Marty Stone was joined by Steve Kehrli, Development Director at PETA, at the Direct Marketing Association’s 2014 Washington Nonprofit Conference to present on how nonprofits can maximize their fundraising efforts with members and supporters through Telephone Town Halls.

Marty laid out the benefits of using Telephone Town Halls over typical conference calls, which many organizations still use to communicate to their members. Telephone Town Halls use an outbound call rather than a conference call number participants must dial in to (though you can still provide an in-bound option to let participants call into the Telephone Town Hall).

Telephone Town Halls allow you to host a controlled, live, interactive conversation so participants know that important stakeholders in the organization value their opinions. Marty highlighted that our Telephone Town Halls with members of non-profit organization have some of the best participation rates among all of our events.  Members and supporters are always eager to hear about the newest program initiative or policy development that affects an organization.

Steve highlighted ways PETA was able to structure a successful fundraising program and conduct new member outreach through Telephone Town Halls. PETA now conducts regular Telephone Town Halls that focus on the latest work PETA is doing.

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