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Why Do A Telephone Town Hall Pre-Call?

Whether it is remembering where you put your car keys or that important meeting with a client, everyone needs reminders in their lives.

That is why Stones’ Phones recommends a 30-second automated pre-call on the day before your Telephone Town Hall.

The many functions of pre-calls

The pre-call serves as a preview to the Telephone Town Hall. The pre-call message is recorded by the elected official, candidate, or organization hosting the Telephone Town Hall. The topic of discussion is presented to the audience during the pre-call, which gives participants time to think of questions they would like to ask.

Automated pre-calls are an effective tool because the recipient of the call will not be caught off guard by the Telephone Town Hall on the day of the event. Calling a night in advance gives the people you want to talk to a day to plan around the event.

These pre-calls also possess a certain personal touch, which heightens the interest of the audience. Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, sent out a pre-call the night before one of her recent Telephone Town Halls, in which she stated “we will be discussing issues that are important to you and your community.”

Although this is a simple reminder message, pre-calls boost Telephone Town Hall participation because voters feel Mayor Rawlings-Blake is receptive to their needs.

Do statistics show pre-calls increase participation on Telephone Town Halls?

In a recent study analyzing thirty different clients (15 political and 15 membership organizations), each client conducted two Telephone Town Halls with pre-calls and two Telephone Town Halls without pre-calls.

Overall, the study found that Telephone Town Hall participation increased by 15 percent on average for clients who used a pre-call. Interestingly, participation increased by 9 percent for political clients and a whopping 21 percent for membership organizations.

Only two clients (both political) saw no increase in Telephone Town Hall participation.

This study reaffirms the positive impact that pre-calls can have on your Telephone Town Hall event.

How do the pre-calls work?

The pre-calls function like any normal auto call. The elected official, candidate, or organization records a thirty-second invitation to the Telephone Town Hall, which will be transmitted to the same universe as the following night’s event.

Our team will listen to the recording in order to ensure the highest sound quality, and edit the recording to produce the most impactful message possible.

Once the recording is finalized, it is dialed-out the day before the Telephone Town Hall event.

Pre-calls can make all the difference in your Telephone Town Hall

It is extremely important to reach as many people as possible on the Telephone Town Hall. Although every audience question is not able to be answered, Telephone Town Halls provide a great opportunity to make an impression on thousands or even tens of thousands of potential voters, supporters, or members.

A thirty-second pre-call may seem trivial, but it shows those you want to talk to that you are proactive and committed to them. Oftentimes, it is the little things (like a pre-call) that give the last boost needed for contributions in the door or an election night victory.

Take a listen to a pre-call recording:


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