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Virtual Town Halls Are Telephone Town Halls

Whether it’s called a Teleforum, Tele Town Hall, conference call or Virtual Town Hall they are just simply a town hall meeting over the telephone. Political campaigns and organizations are using this tool to reach tens of thousands of people at once.

That’s why we at Stones’ Phones call them a Telephone Town Hall. Folks get caught up on the terminology, but here are a few different features that are included in a Telephone Town Hall.

1) An outbound automated call (commonly referred to as robo-calls) to participants and when someone answers they just stay on the line to join the conference call.

2) An event moderator so that you choose which participants can go live with their questions.

3) Data on who participated and for how long.

4) A lively conversation on important issues. This is one of the few forums where candidates, elected officials and organizational leaders can talk with voters and members in-depth about the issues that matter to them.

There are plenty additional features and different ways to run an event using the bells and whistles of the Telephone Town Hall technology. That’s where we come in. At Stones’ Phones we help you craft and execute Telephone Town Halls that are cost-effective and informative. You tell us what your goal is and we help you get there!

Contact us or find out more on how we’re using Telephone Town Halls.


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