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Using Telephone Town Halls As A GOTV Tool

Most voters make up their mind in the last week of the election, much to the chagrin of field directors and campaign operatives everywhere. It’s important that campaigns ramp up the persuasion on undecided voters and then turn them out to the polls as Election Day approaches.

Telephone Town Halls are one of the best tools for targeting those undecided voters during the last stretch of the campaign. Though simple, a message like, “stay on the line to ask your questions directly to the candidate before you vote on Election Day,” is quite powerful. Telephone Town Hall participants walk away from the event feeling like they’ve had a one-on-one conversation with the candidate, a feeling that will stick with them through Election Day.

After the event, the campaign’s field team can then follow up with those who didn’t go live on the air to make sure that voter has their questions answered. Data from the Telephone Town Hall can also be used by the campaign to sharpen their GOTV lists.

In addition to getting answers to their last minute policy questions, the Telephone Town Hall can also be used to help callers find their polling location or request a ride to the polls. Throughout the event, poll questions can guide listeners to plan out when and how they’ll vote on Election Day, increasing turnout.

We have used these types of creative campaign tactics in congressional, delegate and senate races to help persuade those late deciders and get them to the polls. We’re always discovering new ways to use phones to help cut through the chatter and deliver important messages to help secure victory.

Contact us today on how we can help you or find out more on how we’re using Telephone Town Halls.


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