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The Power Of The Name: Personalized Auto Calls

Dale Carnegie once stated, “remember that a man’s name to him is the sweetest and most important sound in the English language.”

In the heat of campaign season, voters might feel overwhelmed by the high volume of messages that they are receiving on a daily basis. Although the first inclination might be to hang up the phone, the sound of their name can trigger enthusiasm and a feeling of importance.

The Power Of The Name: Personalized Auto Calls Blog Post Image

What is the best way to cheaply accomplish this?

Stones’ Phones recommends a personalized auto call!

How it works

In a short amount of time, we can record the speaker saying common names, locations in your area, important issues, or any other variable.

We then use these recordings to create and broadcast truly personalized auto calls.

For example, our technology can put together a list of everyone named Eric living in a particular state, district, or county.

Stones’ Phones has a list of the fifty most popular male and female names, so all the speaker needs to do is sit down for a little bit of time and record. You can reach approximately 50% of the population alone by recording our list of the 50 most popular names but if you decide to spend even more time, your personalized auto call program can expand deeper into the voter file.

In addition, we store all of the recordings so that they can be used for another personalized auto call at a later date.

How are personalized auto calls beneficial?

When people hear their name or issues that are specifically important to them in an auto call, they are more likely to support the candidate or organization because they feel engaged in the campaign.

Personalized auto calls can also help politicians avoid criticism for not being receptive to their constituents.

Personalized auto calls are an important part of the GOTV toolbox as well. Many people do not end up voting because they do not feel as if their vote carries any importance, but a personalized auto call can result in a higher sense of political involvement.

Case Study: Governor Martin O’Malley

In 2010, Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) broadcast a number of personalized auto-calls in the midst of his re-election campaign. Some were focused on low-dollar fundraising, while others were focused on GOTV efforts.

Governor O’Malley stated the name of the person he was calling in the beginning of the call and asked people by name to try him back here at the campaign office at the end of the call. Both of those statements are extremely personal and give off the feeling that O’Malley is engaged in an exclusive conversation with the potential voter.

Governor O’Malley told us that, “his constituents still talk to him about the time that he personally called them in 2010.”

Click below to listen to a personalized auto call from Governor O'Malley:

The Republicans are using personalized auto calls too In the 2010 Massachusetts Special Election, Republican Scott Brown utilized personalized auto-calls in his successful U.S. Senate bid. The campaign had both Brown and his daughter, Ayla, record popular names and cities in Massachusetts.

According to Neil Newhouse, the pollster for Scott Brown, the personalized auto call program was one of the keys to Brown winning the election. He stated, “Ayla’s recorded phone calls were mentioned by voters as helping convince them to support Scott.” A personalized auto call can make the difference The goal of every campaign is to create a personal connection with potential voters, and personalized auto calls are a fast and efficient way to accomplish this feat. Whether you use it for GOTV or fundraising like Governor O’Malley or simply to see what is on the mind of your constituents, personalized auto calls can truly improve your credibility with voters and cut through the clutter during election season.


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