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Automated Candidate Call Time: Amplifying Your Voice And Donations

Building a base of supporters is an extremely important part of any political campaign, but it can also be a rather difficult process. There are many different strategies and opinions on how to recruit donors and volunteers, but Stones’ Phones has a quick, cost-effective, and efficient program that can build a strong foundation for your campaign.

What is Automated Candidate Call Time and how does it work?

Automated Candidate Call Time: Amplifying Your Voice And Donations Blog Post Image

Automated Candidate Call Time is a program designed to maximize the voice of a candidate without him or her taking time out of their busy schedules to make fundraising calls.

We have the candidate record a short persuasion message, followed by three different auto-interactive options. The options for Automated Candidate Call Time are “press 1 to donate, press 2 to volunteer, or press 3 to volunteer and donate.” The few lines of persuasion are the only changing variable from call to call, as each candidate or organization employs different techniques.

How is Automated Candidate Call Time Beneficial? Instead of only reaching a few voters during traditional candidate call time, candidates can reach thousands of potential voters using this program.

In addition, the program helps the campaign or organization triage the voter file, which allows for more precise donor and volunteer recruitment.

We have also found that any Automated Candidate Call Time Program generally ends up paying for itself since one of the main goals is to build-up a base of donors. Even if the campaign does not end up turning a profit, the candidate will always be able to return to the base of donors and volunteers they established through the program.

Automated Candidate Call Time: Case Studies In 2008, candidate for U.S. Senate in Idaho, Larry LaRocco, received thousands of dollars in pledges from an Automated Candidate Call Time program. In addition, 52% of the pledges were returned within two weeks. Former Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky and U.S. Senate candidate, Daniel Mongiardo, raised $88,000 in his program and then after using the same list a second time, raised another $62,000 from a simple auto call. After his Automated Candidate Call Time program was completed, Mongiardo raised $150,000 small dollars towards his Senate campaign. Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, and former Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, Dwight Jones, have also used this effective program.

Use Automated Candidate Call Time Today We realize that candidates are always pressed for time during election season, and that is why Automated Candidate Call Time is the perfect solution. With the small amount of time it takes to do a recording, we can put your candidate in touch with thousands of people who will be crucial to building a strong and sustainable foundation of donors and volunteers.

Take a listen to an automated candidate call time recording and supporters pledging to donate:


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