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GOTV Telephone Town Hall Helps Propel Maryland Delegate To Victory

Knowing that most undecided voters make up their minds in the last week of the election, Maryland Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher decided to host a GOTV Telephone Town Hall on the day before the Maryland primary.

Delegate Waldstreicher opened the Telephone Town Hall by stating, “I wanted to make sure that I was accessible to you in order to answer any questions that you might have.”

This interaction is important to have before any election, as undecided voters are more likely to vote for a candidate who is receptive to their needs.

How was the GOTV Telephone Town Hall Beneficial to Delegate Waldstreicher?

Instead of having to travel back and forth to different locations throughout his district, Delegate Waldstreicher was able to reach more potential voters by answering questions over the phone.

Delegate Waldstreicher answered questions about the minimum wage, fracking, smart meters, and community development, among other topics. These are some of the most important issues to his constituents in the upcoming election, and he was able to address each and every one in a short amount of time.

In addition, he highlighted his credentials to every potential voter on the Telephone Town Hall.

These interactive conversations go a long way in establishing trust with undecided voters, which is vital during primary season when turnout tends to be low.

How was the GOTV Telephone Town Hall Beneficial to Down-ballot Candidates?

Especially in non-presidential elections, it can be difficult to keep track of the different candidates running for office. Instead of having to sort through all of the races on the internet or in the newspapers, constituents were able to interact directly with Delegate Waldstreicher.

Towards the end of the GOTV Telephone Town Hall, Delegate Waldstreicher said the polls would be open from 7:00AM to 8:00PM the next day. Providing poll center information in advance reinforces the importance of voting to undecided voters and allows them to plan a trip to the polls.

This takes voting away from a hypothetical act and makes it a concrete plan in the voter’s mind.

What about the Voters Who Were not Able to Ask Delegate Waldstreicher a Question?

Delegate Waldstreicher was able to use poll questions to ensure that everyone who wanted to participate in the GOTV Telephone Town Hall was able to, even if they could not directly ask their question.

Potential voters were polled on whether or not they could be counted on for support in the election, or if they need more information from the campaign. These poll questions allowed Waldstreicher to get a solid reading on his standing the night before the election.

In addition, participants were able to leave voicemails for the campaign. The Stones’ Phones team then sent their contact information to Delegate Waldstreicher, so that he could follow up and make one last pitch for their vote.

Your Campaign or Organization Can Host a GOTV Telephone Town Hall as Well

A GOTV Telephone Town Hall is not going to change the mind of your opponents, but it can have an extremely positive effect on those who are undecided.

Delegate Waldstreicher received the most votes of any candidate for Delegate in Maryland District 18.

Next time you find yourself pressed for time on the campaign trail right before an election, remember that instead of traveling hundreds or thousands of miles, you could be interacting with hundreds of thousands of undecided voters on the phone. Those voters could be the difference in your election night victory margin.

Listen below to highlights from the Delegate Waldstreicher GOTV Telephone Town Hall:


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