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Former Senator Max Baucus Says Patch-Through Calls Work

Patch-through calls are a powerful tool in making sure elected officials hear from their constituents. Organizations and campaigns have been using patch-through calls for years to get their message to legislators with deeply personal calls from regular people.

Former Senator Max Baucus Says Patch-Through Calls Work Blog Post Image

Many people wonder how effective these calls are. Do elected officials in Congress and state houses across the country really care about people’s opinions? Ask former Senator Max Baucus.

During an interview, the former six-term senator from Montana highlighted the power of calls from constituents who sometimes feel disillusioned with how much of an impact their voices can make.

Phone calls from home do make a difference… I believe it’s very important for people to make telephone calls to Washington DC or Helena or wherever.

Stones’ Phones have been working on patch-through programs for years and have developed news ways to make patch though calls more effective. We offer both live and automated patch-though calls.

Take a moment to listen to former Senator Baucus’ entire interview on the impact hearing from constituents can have:


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