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Benefits Of Online Advertising For Your Telephone Town Hall

A few weeks ago, we reflected on several “Campaigns and Elections” magazine articles, specifically one that highlighted the use of “Big Data” in the 2012 Presidential Election. With campaigns now using narrow targeting as the New York Observer suggests, Internet ads can be precisely directed at who you want, creating a new advertising tool for getting the word out on your Telephone Town Hall.

Accompanying an auto call (AKA robocall) a day or two before the event, you can promote the Telephone Town Hall through web ads and social media. We can help you target online advertisements to people who may have visited your website previously or to similar people on your Telephone Town Hall invite list via internet cookie links. (If you’re confused about a cookie that isn’t chocolate chip, click here to read about cookies on the Internet.)

For example, one of your targeted participants may see an ad about your Telephone Town Hall on the side of their browser. When the user clicks the ad, it prompts them to update their contact information to participate in the call or to receive more details about the Telephone Town Hall meeting. The information is then sent to our server, where we update or add the user’s contact information to the Telephone Town Hall participant list to help us create the best list possible.

By reaching your audience through another medium, online advertisements can help ensure the success of your Telephone Town Hall!

Contact us today to find out more on how we’re integrating online advertising with Telephone Town Halls.

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