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Benefits Of Online Advertising For Your Telephone Town Hall

Discover a new way to get the word out about your next Telephone Town Hall using targeted digital ads. With campaigns continuing to narrow down voter targeting, as the New York Times suggests, digital ads can be precisely directed at who you want to talk to.

In addition to running an Auto-Call a day or two before the event, you can also promote your Telephone Town Hall through digital ads and social media. We can set up a link directly on your website that can also be sent via email to sign up for the Telephone Town Hall. We construct the sign up page for you and ask participants for any list-building information. This information can be used to contact those who participated in your Telephone Town Hall after the event is over. Once they are signed up we are able to add them to the list for your event.

Sign-up sheets worked for groups like Transform Education New Mexico, who hosted a Telephone Town Hall solely to participants who signed up online for their event. This event was aimed at raising wages for teachers in New Mexico and increasing the public school budget. The use of online sign-ups helped Transform Education NM to identify their target audience for their Telephone Town Hall. We were able to reach hundreds of community members and educate them on the state of New Mexico schools and urge them to support public education reform.

Digital ads can be especially impactful at reaching cell phone users directly on their devices. With more people using the internet on their phones, you can promote the call-in information for your event on social media or your website to make it easy for your participants to call into your event when the time comes. Now that we can include cell phones in Telephone Town Halls, you can use digital advertising to promote your event to cell phone users. Learn more about cell phone dialing for Telephone Town Halls here.

Online advertisements can help ensure the success of your Telephone Town Hall! Contact us today to find out more about how we’re integrating online advertising with Telephone Town Halls.


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