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An Easy Way To Make Sure Volunteers Show Up

Campaigns and organizations spend lots of effort recruiting and scheduling volunteers to help with their cause. But people lead busy lives, so giving time and energy to volunteer work can fall to the wayside for numerous reasons. Fortunately, it turns out that a simple auto

An Easy Way To Make Sure Volunteers Show Up Blog Post Image

call or text message can significantly reduce the number of volunteer no-shows.

A scientific study conducted with the Maryland Democratic Party found that reminder texts decreased volunteer no-shows by 10%, and reminder calls decreased no-shows by 19%. Volunteers that signed up for shifts received either 3 texts or 3 calls reminding them of their commitment.

The study also revealed an age divide: texting volunteers under 35 was much more effective than calling, while the preferred method for contacting those over 35 is still calling.

Reducing no-shows allows organizers to plan their phonebanking, canvassing, and other volunteer operations more effectively. Autocalls and texts are a low-cost and efficient method to make sure your volunteer events go off without a hitch.

Interested in stepping up your volunteer game? Just drop us a line, we’re glad to help come up with a strategy that works for you.


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