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The Story Capture Continues: Protecting Wolves In Idaho

Stones’ Phones is a pioneer in harnessing the voices of real Americans using our Story Capture program. In the past, we’ve worked with Defenders of Wildlife and other animal rights organizations to protect wolves from unnecessary hunting. So, when Idaho Governor Butch Otter decided to use $400,000 in taxpayer funds annually to start a war on wolves, Defenders of Wildlife came to us again.

The Story Capture Continues: Protecting Wolves In Idaho Blog Post Image

Since 2009, over a thousand wolves have been hunted in Idaho, using such harsh tactics as aerial gunning, hiring professional gunmen, neck snares, and foot traps. The wolf population has declined by an astounding 23% in this period. Here are some striking statistics on Governor Otter’s War on Wolves.

Defenders of Wildlife wanted to reach beyond just animal rights activists and collect the words of real Idahoans. We developed a live Story Capture program to connect with people in the state and purchased data from Aristotle of outdoorsmen, small business owners, hunters, and ordinary residents.

We called thousands Idahoans and gave them the option to record personal statements about why the War on Wolves is wrong.

Of those supportive of our position, nearly 11% recorded a statement that we could give to legislators, use in a radio ad, or post online. We normally get an 8-15% recording rate depending on the issue for a live program. People who record statements tend to be great messengers for campaigns and organizations.

Our conversations revealed a number of moral and fiscal objections to the governor’s plan. One person described it as “the worst waste of taxpayer money.” Several people thought the hunting tactics were inhumane and unacceptable. Others wondered why funding that could go to education was being diverted for this hunting expedition.

These passionate recordings were made into radio ads by our friends at Devine Mulvey Longabaugh.


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