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Texting For Dollars: A New Fundraising Tool

Democratic campaigns now have a new and exciting way to fundraise: manual texting. Stones’ Phones recently partnered with Tom Hoch, a Minneapolis mayoral candidate, using texting to support a huge push for donations as an important filing deadline approached.

Using a modest list of a few hundred supporters, our texting campaign directly generated

Texting For Dollars: A New Fundraising Tool Blog Post Image

$900 in two days. Even more impressive? These were all first-time donors.

Our texting campaign was part of a larger fundraising effort that included events, candidate call time, and email blasts. This multi-faceted effort successfully procured more than $26,000 before the filing deadline.

Hoch’s team credits our texting program for increasing the urgency of the deadline, helping maximize the impact of the larger fundraising push.

Overall, the campaign directly raised twice as much money from manual texting as they spent on the program. And this isn’t the first time Stones’ Phones successfully used texts to fundraise for progressive campaigns. Equality North Carolina saw a 30% return on investment by texting to raise funds during Give OUT Day in 2016.

So the next time you’re about to hit a big fundraising deadline and need to score some impressive numbers, manual texting is an effective, affordable way to maximize your donations.

Looking for other ways to fundraise for your campaign? Check out fundraising Telephone Town Halls.


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