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Make Every Conversation Count With Live ID Calls

Live ID Calls are one of the best methods to ensure people are hearing about your candidate and why they should support them. Live ID Calls provides a human connection that cannot be replicated through TV, social media, text messaging, or email. Additionally, live calling allows for real-time conversations and can be used to increase voter turnout and support. This effect is amplified through our dependable scripting methods and carefully trained operators.

While you can use Live ID Calls to gather information, you also have the opportunity to engage in direct conversations with voters, conveying the campaign’s message and influencing their decision-making process. This dual functionality empowers political campaigns not only to understand public opinion but also actively shape it through persuasive dialogue and personalized interactions.

This engagement is crucial especially at the start of a campaign. Name recognition is essential and sharing a compelling phone conversation with a real person is a great strategy to boost visibility in a way that feels organic. Using Live ID Calls in a campaign also gives you the time to have a more in-depth, persuasive conversation and target undecided voters with more information.

How Do Live ID Calls Work? We work alongside your team to ensure you’re getting the best results from your Live ID Call. Our Team helps you to craft a script that is direct, persuasive, and memorable. We can use your data or purchase a list for your program based on geography, demographics, or vote history. We use multiple caller IDs at different times of the day to reach the voter and ask if they will support your campaign. At the end of your program, we send over a comprehensive data back including the voter’s information and response.

Types of Live ID Calls Live ID Calls are not one size fits all—you can tailor them to align with your specific needs. When considering a Live ID program, it’s essential to determine the ultimate goal of your calls so you can decide which type of program is the best fit for your campaign.

The key difference between the two types of Live ID Calls is whether they incorporate persuasion or focus solely on collecting information. Live ID Calls with persuasion provide important information to the target audience and introduce them to your candidate or issue. If the objective is to get a read on public opinion without biasing the results, conducting Live ID Calls without persuasive language may be preferable. This approach allows for information gathering that can inform future calls or outreach efforts.

Some call program goals require more than one question. If you are looking to gather volunteers for your campaign you will need two questions: Asking voters for support and asking if they would like to volunteer. Each additional question adds cost but can be essential to reaching your campaign’s goals.

In addition to our basic Live ID Calls we also provide a series of Specialty Live ID Calls:

  • Story Capture programs turn supporters into spokespeople. We call and ask voters to record a message advocating for your issue or candidate. The recordings received can be used in whatever way you see fit – for TV spots, online advertisements, persuasion pieces, and more.

  • Influencer ID calls are an excellent way to mobilize grassroots advocates. We identify “Influencers” who frequently talk about politics. These are high priority targets for your campaign. In this case, voters who talk to six or more people and support your campaign are your key targets. Influencers that already support your candidate will become powerful advocates for the campaign when armed with information and access; Undecided Influencers will become a key persuasion audience. Once undecided influencers pledge their support, they can become some of the most effective advocates for your campaign.

  • Yard Sign Asks go a step beyond identifying supporters by also requesting they display a yard sign. Our operators are trained in capturing relevant information like the voter’s correct address and contact information. This information is passed along to your campaign, making it easy for campaign staff to reconnect with supporters and distribute yard signs in your district.

Live ID Calls have the potential to make a significant difference in your campaign. Reach out today and make every conversation count with Live ID Calls.


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