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How To Combat Advocate Fatigue

Legislative battles can last years before a bill is finally passed or change can be measured. Over time, it’s normal for even your most fervent supporters to suffer “advocate fatigue.” With our innovative phone techniques, you can continue to actively engage and motivate your supporters as you fight important, progressive battles. Check out how you can use our services to combat “advocate fatigue”:

1. Telephone Town Halls

Telephone Town Halls are perfect for keeping your supporters engaged and informed of the

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progress you’re making for your cause. Invite experts and people lobbying for your cause to speak on the event and address questions, explain legislation, and ease the minds of your supporters. The audience also has the opportunity to ask questions live on the air, creating a more interactive and inviting tone. Poll questions throughout the event are also perfect for finding volunteers to fight on your behalf or even donate to your cause.

2. Catch & Release Programs

As your legislative battle continues, it’s important to remind your supporters who and what they’re fighting for. We can call out to supporters or members and ask them to record why this fight is important to them and how it has affected their lives; we then distribute these recordings to your supporters as an auto-call to remind them of the importance of continuing the fight for your cause. The recordings are evergreen and can be used in radio ads, social media posts, and other marketing programs.

3. “Thank You” Auto-Calls

Organizations often rely on phones to connect with supporters and voters to advocate on behalf of their cause. Those who agree to patch-through to a legislator, record their story, attend a rally, or volunteer with your organization are often not thanked for their great advocacy work. Why not engage these supporters and prove to them that their work counts? A “thank you” auto-call to these individuals shows that each call they make and every event they attend helps push your cause forward. We can even personalize them by addressing the individual by name and having the president of your organization or leader of your cause record the message.


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