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State Senator Mamie Locke Cell Phone Telephone Town Hall

Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke wanted to run a Telephone Town Hall to give her constituents crucial policy updates from the recent legislative session and connect ahead of

State Senator Mamie Locke Cell Phone Telephone Town Hall Blog Post Image

the 2023 election. If the office were to only call constituents with landlines, they would have missed out on a large swath of voters since the number of people who only have cell phones has risen in recent years to 62% of the population. To help the office reach their mobile-only constituents, we set up a "Mobile Waiting Room" where cell participants received a call from a live operator who connected them to the Telephone Town Hall.

Senator Locke’s office was able to connect with nearly 2,000 constituents live during the event, almost 20% of whom were people who joined from their cell phones. The event was a success, and Senator Locke was able to promote her ongoing efforts to expand affordable housing and defend reproductive freedom. In addition to having direct conversations with several constituents on the air, the office was also able to gauge which policy areas were most pressing to their voters through our live polling feature.


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