The Power of Franked Telephone Town Halls

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When New Hampshire Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster was looking for new ways to reach out to her constituents, she discovered the power of Franked Telephone Town Halls.

Congresswoman Kuster knew that many of her constituents are hard workers who may not have time between work and taking care of their families to attend an in-person town hall. In fact, many might not even hear about it.

Franked Telephone Town Halls solve both of those problems.

Telephone Town Halls start with an outbound call to your constituents, asking them to simply stay on the line to join the event. Utilizing this technology, we can bring thousands of constituents together on the call in a matter of seconds.

In other words, Franked Telephones Town Halls enable your constituents to take part in a live town hall right in their own living rooms. It’s no wonder the New York Times recently chronicled the rising popularity of Franked Telephone Town Halls among Members of Congress!

Once on the event, constituents can ask questions live on the call and respond to poll questions.

Telephone Town Halls also let you maintain a controlled environment. Questions are pre-screened by operators, which allows your office to control the tone and direction of the conversation while still hearing from real constituents. And we’ll be with you online or in person to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

Unlike other firms, we’ve been in your shoes.

Many of our staff previously worked on the Hill, and we were the first phone firm to host Franked Telephone Town Halls with Democrats in the House and Senate, so we know how to work with your schedule and ensure the work we do follows all rules.

While money isn’t everything, we have special low pricing for Franked Telephone Town Halls.

We’ve worked with elected officials at all levels of government – local, statewide, and national – to perfect the Franked Telephone Town Hall because we know elected officials need to speak directly with constituents to hear their concerns, views and ideas.

For more information about our Telephone Town Halls, click here.

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