Stones' Phones


A New Way for Volunteers to Call Cell Phones

Until now, cell-phone-only voters have been next to impossible to efficiently talk to with volunteers. We’ve found a legal solution to call cell phones at high speeds. Meet Ringer-averaging 300+ dials per volunteer hour, it’s faster than both hand- dialing and predictive dialing. Ringer lets you do much more with far fewer volunteers.
Most predictive dialers suffer significant lag times without a large enough volunteer base and target universe. Ringer is efficient and productive regardless of the number of volunteers, shift lengths, or list size. If your volunteers are using a predictive dialer to call cell phones, you should know that this is not legal.

Volunteers Experiece

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for you and your volunteers. That’s why Ringer has a simple, customizable, HTML-based volunteer interface. All your volunteers need is a computer screen and a phone. We’ll train your core team on the system and provide support throughout the process.