Stones' Phones

“So… do you ever wonder if you could lose because of cell phone only voters? The truth is, you could!”
Stones’ Phones can call cell phones for 1/3 the price!

Voters crave connection and interaction. They know a connection is not a text or a digital ad – it’s talking to a real person. 

Because of FCC regulations, it has cost over $3 to call a cell phone.

Pretty soon, there will be more cell phones on the voter file than landlines. These voters are relatively untouched. They skip TV ads, don’t check their mail, are rarely home. Oh, and they don’t have a landline to call.

Stones’ Phones has deployed a system in our call centers to quickly and legally call cell phones for less – a lot less.

Because we’re seeing contact rates over 80%, the cost to influence a cell-only voter is cheaper than texting, door knocking, or digital ads. You don’t need to cut corners where it matters most. When your voters hear a friendly human voice, you’ll be headed to victory.”