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Telephone Town Halls With Zoom Integration

Stones’ Phones is excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new feature to Telephone Town Hall Events – Zoom Integration. Zoom Integration is exactly as it sounds, a feature that combines the benefits and possibilities of Zoom Meetings and Telephone Town Halls.

Telephone Town Halls are already one of the best options for those looking to convey lots of information to a wide audience. Through Telephone Town Halls, candidates, elected officials, and organizations can have a real conversation with thousands of voters, constituents, or members right from the comfort of their homes.

Whether you’re a seasoned Telephone Town Hall professional or a first-time organizer, Zoom Integration provides a load of new, exciting features that allow you to creatively present information to your audience members.

Benefits and Possibilities of Telephone Town Halls with Zoom Integration

Telephone Town Halls have always been an important tool for talking to hard-to-reach voters.

For potential participants, Zoom Integration’s new features make Telephone Town Hall events easier to join than ever. Before, participants would join a Telephone Town Hall by answering a landline phone at the time of the event. Now, you can join at any point during the event with your cell phone or computer using a secure link.

Zoom Integration also provides fully synchronized audio and video, meaning you won’t need to worry about lag or other potential differences between audio and video feeds. That aside, Zoom Integration gives organizers a bunch of new ways they can customize their event and maximize participation, including:

Adding a live video feed of your speakers

  • Using the Zoom “share screen” feature to give a presentation or show statistics

  • Providing visual representations of polls or participants’ questions

  • Ability to poll those who join the event via web or cell phone

  • Ability to collect and screen written questions from web participants

  • Ability to have as many as 1,000 web participants

Zoom Integration also makes it easier for participants to speak up and get involved during an event.

Previously, participants needed to press 0, speak with an event volunteer over the phone, and then wait in line for their question or concern to be addressed. When an event is using Zoom Integration, participants have the option to type questions in the “text field” section of the event interface, which sends their typed question directly to the speakers.

Zoom Integration is likely to boost engagement and participation statistics across the board – it makes it easier for participants to join a Telephone Town Hall and gives them more reasons to stick around and engage with the content.

We look forward to all the innovative techniques that Zoom Integration will make possible for the Telephone Town Hall organizers of the future!


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