Stones' Phones

Ryan Matthews Senior Strategist

Ryan returned to Stones’ Phones in 2018 as a Senior Strategist after a long career in electoral campaigns that began when he first joined the firm as an Account Executive in 2005. In the intervening years, Ryan managed campaigns and field programs up and down the ballot from local to presidential campaigns.

In 2016, Ryan served as the Pennsylvania Coordinated Campaign Director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and GOTV Director for Katie McGinty’s Senate primary victory in the state.

Ryan specialized in integrating varied direct voter contact methods to achieve efficient, productive field programs. With experience in 16 states, he spent years running large GOTV efforts in electoral battlegrounds like Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. He has experience managing both coordinated and independent expenditure voter mobilization and registration efforts.

Ryan is a native of the Philadelphia area and has a BA in Political Communication from the George Washington University. In his free time, Ryan enjoys cooking and dominating crossword puzzles.