What Is a Telephone Town Hall?

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Telephone Town Halls meld a traditional form of communication – the phone – with a 21st century web interface to create an interactive town hall meeting. They have emerged as one of the most effective tools available to directly connect with thousands of people at once.

Similar to a radio call-in show, Telephone Town Halls allow participants to interact with a speaker from the comfort of their homes or offices.

The process starts the day before the event with an automated pre-call recorded by you or your campaign to participants announcing the event.

The day of the event, invitees receive another recorded message that welcomes them to the event and asks them to simply stay on the line to join.

This outbound invite to participants is ten times more effective at increasing participation than a conference call where callers must remember to dial into the event. Utilizing this technology, we can bring thousands of people together on the call in a matter of seconds.

Once on the Telephone Town Hall, participants can fully engage with the event by using their phone’s keypad to respond to poll questions and get in line to ask a question live on the air. This provides valuable data and feedback.

How does a Telephone Town Hall Work?


Telephone Town Halls allow you to do so much more than just talk to people. These events can be especially helpful in finding possible donors and volunteers.

Using our polling system, you can ask poll questions regarding whether someone might like to volunteer or donate to the campaign. For example:

If you would like to volunteer for Candidate A, please press 1, if you would like to donate to the campaign, please press 2, etc.

 Then, following the event, we provide you with data that notes which participants pressed one or two and you can follow up with them. If you would like to learn more about fundraising using Telephone Town Halls, check out our post dedicated to just that!

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