Cell Phone Scrubbing: What You Need to Know

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Why Scrub Cell Phones?
When calling off a voter file, the FCC prohibits calling cell phones using an automated dialing system with a pre-recorded message unless you have permission from the person being called. A fine of up to $16,000 for each cell dialed makes not removing cell phones a very costly mistake.

Stones’ Phones has you covered- we scrub cell phone numbers so that your lists are as clean as possible. We do this service at no cost to you.

The Stones’ Phones Standard
We go the extra mile to make sure you’re not at risk. Once we receive a voter list, we do a comprehensive cell phone scrub to assure no cell phones are still hidden in your data.

Our cell phone scrubbing list recognizes over 864,000 blocks of numbers that are or will be assigned to wireless carriers active within the United States and Canada.

We also scrub for “ported numbers” (Google Voice) meaning isolating phone numbers that have been transferred from a landline to a cell phone, or vice versa. We believe it’s safest not to call a number that has ever been used by a cell phone.

Stones’ Phones works to make every voter file list you call on a dialer is free of cell phone numbers—keeping you compliant with federal law, and ensuring you don’t receive any fines. 

Can I Ever Call Cell Phones?
The Supreme Court’s ruling in Facebook v. Duguid narrows the definition of prohibited automated dialers. However,  Federal and State officials can still call cell phones with a pre-recorded message. Campaigns are permitted to make live calls to cell phones. These programs involve live call operators and therefore cost more, but are a great option when you need to reach voters that only have cell phone numbers.

The FCC allows organizations, non-profits, and unions to send Auto-Calls to cell phone numbers of their members or supporters that have opted in to be contacted. However, we are always happy to remove cell phones if requested.

Cell Phone Dialing for Telephone Town Halls
Previously, the ability to call cell phones for Telephone Town Halls was only allowed for elected officials and those who had opted in to receive calls to their cell phone. Now our cell phone dialing feature allows you to reach even more people.

It works similarly to traditional landline dialing, but rather than receiving an automated message welcoming them to the Telephone Town Hall, cell phone participants are greeted by a live operator before being transferred directly to the main event.

Another Way to Reach Cell Phones
If you need to contact cell phone-only individuals but cost is a concern, you should consider manual texting. It’s a fraction of the cost of doing live calls, and can connect you with voters that are hard to reach. 

Stay up to date on all new developments in the world of phones at our blog, and be sure to reach out to start contacting cell phones today!

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