COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach with Phones

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Through the various phone programs we offer, we are fighting vaccine misinformation, signing up community members to get vaccinated and identifying vaccine hesitant people.

Here are some of the tools we are deploying in this fight.

Telephone Town Halls

Telephone Town Halls are a platform that can be used to reach people in high-risk areas and are an effective way to distribute information about the vaccine to thousands of participants at once. During the Town Hall, we are able to collect survey data from live poll questions, as well as provide the space for you to answer live participants’ questions.

During a recent Telephone Town Hall in Arizona’s least vaccinated zip code, healthcare officials were able to speak to thousands of residents and answer their questions about the vaccine. The Telephone Town Hall gave state officials insight on how to provide access to those who need transportation to vaccine centers. Within days the state was able to implement a new program providing transportation for hundreds of residents to and from the vaccine centers.

Read the full article here and find additional information about the transportation program here.

Story Capture

Our Story Capture technology allows us to call out to community members who have been vaccinated and distribute those stories to members of the community that are hesitant about receiving the vaccine. Stones’ Phones understands the influence a human voice can have on fellow community members, which is why we have been at the forefront of Story Capture technology, using real words from everyday Americans to directly connect with those the stories will most impact.

Listen to some of our work here.

LatinX Voices

Black Voices

Patch Through Calls

Patch Through Calls are effective ways to connect people with state or local run phone banks that are setting up vaccine appointments. We have the ability to craft scripts dependent on the demographic and community that is being reached.

During our work with the 2020 census, we found that Patch Through Calls were the most effective way to get reluctant people to take the census.

Find an example of one of our scripts here.

Live Calls – Outbound

We call eligible people who have not taken action to get vaccinated and get them signed up.

Our recent work in Fresno California showed that 38.69% of those who could get a vaccine had taken no action to get vaccinated, but 92.89% of those people wanted to get the vaccine! By talking with people, you can give them direct information while providing them with the opportunity to take immediate action to get a vaccine appointment.

Read more about our work here.

Live Calls – Inbound

In New Mexico a vaccination hotline we set up proved to be extremely effective. The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department and Department of Health had a total of 600 doses of Covid-19 vaccinations with only one day to distribute them to tribal members who live in urban areas. As a part of the effort, the tribes specifically set aside doses for those who do not live on the reservation or pueblos and are underserved in the community. A live hotline was setup for eligible members of the community to call in to and reserve their 15-minute drive-through vaccine appointment. Within 3 hours of opening the hotline all appointment slots were filled. A total of 600 individuals were vaccinated and 800 boxes of food were distributed.

Read more about the event here.

Convince Yourself to Get Vaccinated

The Convince Yourself to get vaccinated calls act in a similar way to our Convince Yourself to Vote calls. During the call we ask two questions that compel people to consider why they are not getting vaccinated and move them to take action.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to get vaccinated? One being not at all and 10 being you will?

Why did you pick that number?

By asking this second question, you make people think about why it is important for them to get vaccinated, and studies have shown that people internalize this question and are moved to take action.


Texting can be used as a quick way to send messages to people who need a reminder to get their vaccine. We are able to send links, pictures, and vital information regarding the vaccine directly to target cell phones.

Influential ID Calls

Influentials are people in the community that will talk about getting the vaccine with 6 or more people. By adding in the influential question to our calls, we are able to identify people in the community who will spread the vaccination message.

Sample Influential Question:
“When you are interested in a health issue, how many people outside of your immediate household do you talk to about it? None, 1 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 20, or more than 20?”

Data and Languages

Stones’ Phones is able to make calls in 14 different languages. So far, we have made Covid-19 vaccine outreach calls in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

You need the best most accurate data possible, and Stones’ Phones is able to provide that. For the Census, we found millions of people who had never been reached. We combine the Consumer File with the Voter File and then perform our own Data Enhancements to get the largest universe to go after. We also have the ability to source data for the hardest to reach people, those with pre-paid phones.

Is it legal to call people on their cell phones about Covid-19?

The FCC says the Telephone Consumer Protection Act does not apply to calls made for emergency purposes, such as Covid-19, which was deemed a public health emergency on March 13, 2020.

The content of the communications must be solely informational and made necessary by the Covid-19 outbreak, and directly related to the imminent health or safety risk arising from Covid-19.

To read more, click here!

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